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Thinking about waxing? Think again...

If you hate shaving – and the irritating small bumps that often appear after shaving – then you are definitely not alone. Fortunately, there are alternatives to shaving that are more convenient while also providing amazing results. One of the most commonly selected forms of hair removal is waxing. Are you using hot wax to remove body hair? Or have you considered turning to waxing? 

The disadvantages of waxing

Waxing is of one of the most common ways to remove unwanted hair. It's easy to do and costs less when compared to other methods such as electrolysis. However, there are a few issues with this method of hair removal.

  • It's painful. The skin in certain places of your body, such as the armpits, is extremely sensitive. There is no way around experiencing some brutal pain when waxing.
  • Waxing can occasionally leave bloody patches in the areas that were waxed. This can be incredibly disturbing - after all, bleeding is usually not a good sign!
  • When done incorrectly, waxing can irritate, discolor, burn, and infect your skin. This is why it's best to avoid mustering up the courage to wax yourself. Even when you get it done by a professional, you run into certain risks.
  • You have to keep getting waxes - forever! This means more pain every time you get waxed.
  • When waxing doesn't work the way it is supposed to, you run the risk of ingrown hairs. 
  • You're under house arrest for at least a day after getting waxed. During this period, your skin is extremely sensitive and could become prone or vulnerable to infection.

Even hearing the word 'waxing' brings shudders to most people. While the hair does take longer to regrow, the actual process of removing it is more of a torture technique than a 21st century self-care procedure.

Waxing can damage your skin, specifically fine tissue cells. An additional issue is that waxing is actually less effective. When you choose waxing hair removal, you are opting for a method that involves putting hot wax onto your skin. The hot wax can not only burn and bruise your skin, but the heat also results in swelling of your tissues, which in turn makes hair removal more difficult. Aside from the heat, pain, and irritation, waxing also removes hair in the opposite direction of hair growth. As a result, the process typically results in 15-35% hair breakage that is left behind. All of that pain and there is still hair there? Fortunately, there is a better alternative that can lead to permanent hair removal.

Creams, sprays and gels as an alternative

As a kinder and gentler alternative to laser hair removal, hair removal cream helps to remove hair to the root, working below the surface of the skin to safely separate the hair follicles from the pores, leaving you with a fresh layer of timelessly smooth skin for 3 to 5 weeks. Once hair is removed, a hair inhibitor can help to slow and stop hair growth over time. The all-natural ingredients directly target specific parts the hair growth process, effectively reversing hair regrowth while moisturizing your freshly exfoliated skin.

Choosing the best hair removal method

There are some major cons to using waxing as a way to remove hair from places you don't want it. When it comes to removing hair in places you would rather not have it, the safest choice that is still very effective is using a specially-designed cream or gel. You can get that pesky hair removed in minutes and can avoid Medieval torture-like techniques that cause unnecessary suffering to men and women around the world.

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