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What are the real side effects of laser hair removal?

When it comes to removing unwanted hair, there are many who have been lead to believe that laser hair removal provides the best results, with the beauty industry branding the process as clean, safe, and 100% effective. While it is mostly true that using a laser is safe - in the sense that you won't die from it - it is in no way an optimal hair removal method.

If you're trying to remove those pesky hairs once and for all, there are a few things to think twice about before considering laser hair removal. 

Lasers are not without their side effects

Although laser hair removal does remove hair, blasting your skin with energy is not without it's potential side effects. The process works by emitting light which is absorbed by the hair. This light converts to very targeted heat, releasing the hair by actually damaging the pores in your skin. Over the course of several sessions, these damaged pores take longer to grow hair, and, in theory, eventually stop producing hair altogether.

Laser hair removal recipients have experienced skin irritation as well as pigment changes with some recipients noticing darkened or discolored skin. Other users have reported burned and blistered skin in areas where treatment was received. There are even some who have said that after multiple sessions, there was still additional shaving or waxing necessary. All of this and the hair isn't even 100% gone?

Multiple sessions means $$$$

One of the biggest issues with using a laser to remove hair is the cost.  Sessions can typically run around $300 with recipients needing at least a few treatments to achieve desired results. This means the total cost of treatments could be upwards of $1,000 - and that's just for one area you'd like hair removed. If you have unwanted hair in multiple places, you can quickly run a tab of a few thousand dollars in hair treatments.

Unfortunately, insurance isn't of any help with these costs because most health plans don't cover laser hair removal. Some doctors offer incentives such as  payment plans, but is it really necessary going into debt just to get rid of hair?

Your time is your time

To achieve permanent results, recipients typically need multiple sessions of laser hair removal. Everybody is different, with some requiring more treatment sessions and others requiring fewer. Depending on where you'd like hair removed, this can be time-consuming. If you're trying to remove hair on larger areas such as your back or legs, each session could take up to two hours. Multiply that by 5 or 6 sessions and you're easily spending 10-12 hours getting zapped by a laser - and that doesn't even include leaving work early or sitting in traffic!

Choosing the best hair removal method

As a kinder and gentler alternative to laser hair removal, hair removal cream helps to remove hair to the root, working below the surface of the skin to safely separate the hair follicles from the pores, leaving you with a fresh layer of timelessly smooth skin for 3 to 5 weeks. Once hair is removed, a hair inhibitor can help to slow and stop hair growth over time. The all-natural ingredients directly target specific parts the hair growth process, effectively reversing hair regrowth while also moisturizing your freshly exfoliated skin.

If you are looking for the optimal hair removal solution, it's about time you ditched a painful, expensive, and time-consuming "solution" like laser hair removal.

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